"The Kentuckians" live in the horse capital of the world. Yet, if you are not in a certain tax bracket, are unable to participate in the enjoyment of the equestrian world. FCLTC introduces children and youth to various aspects of the equestrian world. We are providing a blend of series of hands on education with a scholarly equine context. From basic horsemanship to advance riding along with ranch living. The program will open up avenue for scholarship to our community in a different sport other than norm(football, basketball, baseball, swimming, soccer, etc.) Our goal is to build self confidence, team work, independence, and future opportunities for self employed among countless other things. FCLTC is designed to teach skills such as cooperation, trust, mentoring, and responsibility with the goal of transferring these skills into their everyday lives and reconnecting with peers, family and their community. We strive to have a world in which all youth succeed in life while feeling valued and respected.